Massage Neurosedative: A choice of health and wellness  

In the highly competitive society in which we live, where everything is rushed and we more upset than we should, we have at our disposal a tool that will help us counter the problem: massage and more specifically, self-massage.With the Self-massage, we will achieve a state of relaxation and wellbeing that will help us to rest better and be with less stress during the day. That lead to an improvement in our body and emotional and mental state.

What is massage and how it works

 Massage is an alternative and natural therapy based on manipulation, pressure and works on more extenders. Our skin and organ, among other benefits, especially facilitates relaxation of our nervous system and skin, is an extension latter.
There are many types massage in the world differ and ranked based on three fundamental factors. Such as intensity, speed or level and type of pressure. There are none better or more recommended but choose one or the other. It will depend entirely on the situation, patient preferences and above all, the expert advice of the professional who is applying.

What is the Massage Neurosedative

 In particular, Neurosedative Massage’s main aim is to sedate the nervous system. And thereby help decompression of our entire body, causing tensions disappear.
Massage is a technique neuro-sedative sedative or relaxing type to slow and gentle maneuvers are made based on as if we caress. This technique is never quick or sudden and prevent the relaxation but quite the opposite: its aim is sedated so that everything is geared to deeply relax.
Massage Neurosedative usually starts with maneuvers rub on our skin short and superficial after a few minutes, alternating with other techniques aimed at generating heat without pain which gradually get a welfare state that will be transmitted to the brain through our skin. In fact, throughout the massage, we will gradually enter a phase of deep sedation, which may lead us to fall asleep.

  • In this sense and whenever possible, it is highly recommended to us Neurosedative massage sessions in an hour near the dinner. when we no longer return to daily activity, as we will be more profitable and durable.
  • Incidentally, another important factor manually -a part of the technique itself is the product that we apply on the skin. In this case, the masseur can choose from a host of substances that help and amplify their work (creams, oils, chocolate, essential oils, etc.). Choose one or the other, in this case, will depend on our preferences and professional advice masseuse.
  • An interesting possibility offered by this technique, accessible to all, is to combine the visits with the masseur which will always make us a more complete and professional massage with a small facial self-massage.  That can help us to supplement treatment.

 Facial Self-massage:

 Fortunately, when making a relaxing treatment. The most important to get this point sedative effect is on the face. It is the area that governs the senses and where our central nervous system focuses and also is easily accessible for oneself. The facial self-massage has many benefits. It regulates the blood circulation, tones muscles and releases tension. It is the best way to provide vitality to the face and even to reduce wrinkles.